January 20, 2017

About QuantDS RoboTicks Expert Advisors (QDS EAs)

Expert Advisor

Click here to learn how to use the QuantDS RoboTicks Expert Advisor (QDS EA).


  • QuantDS RoboTicks Trend-Following EA (QDS-TF EA) is an MT4 Forex Trading Expert Advisor (EA) that places buy and sell orders based on the current trend and the results of mathematical modeling (Quantitative Analysis) applied in the current price.
  • Risk and money management can be applied using the QDS-TF EA.


  • The EA places an order only on the Forex charts where it's attached.
  • Places buy and sell orders based on Quantitative Analysis results and the current trend.
  • Places an order opposite to the previous one when the trend changes.
  • Places Stop-loss and Target price based on the settings of the user.


  • UTM or User Trade Management - Users can set the parameters based on their risk tolerance. It is required for the users to have a knowledge of risk and money management before using QDS EA.expert advisor
  • TP - Number of points from entry price to target price.
  • Lot Size - Number of lots.
  • SL - Number of points for stop-loss.
  • QDS Account Name - QuantDS username.


  • We strongly advise testing the QDS EA on your DEMO Accounts first before using on your Live Accounts. No demo Forex account? Click here to create one.
  • Exotic currency pairs have high bid-ask spreads and not advisable to run with tight stops.


  • Suitable for the medium and large account balance.
  • Supports multiple currency pairs - Majors, Exotics, Bitcoin.
  • Users can apply risk and money management to this EA.
  • QuantDS EA will only run on Forex charts where users attach it.



  • Users should subscribe to QuantDS EA through this website. Subscribing means you accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Understands all the risk involved in Forex trading and using EAs such as this.
  • Have enough knowledge about risk and money management. Questions how to manage risk and size positions will not be entertained.
  • Provide EXACT Forex Broker Servers and Account Numbers when signing up.
  • Check the member's area at least once a week for any random updates of QDS EA.
  • Test the EA on the demo account before using in the live account. No demo Forex account? Click here to create one.
  • Attach the EA to the currency pair chart of their choice for it to run.
  • Make sure the 'Auto Trading' is ON in the MT4.
  • Input their login name. The same login name they registered in QuantDS when they registered.
  • Set their position size and other parameters to manage their risk.
  • Check if the EA is attached to every chart and is working at least once a day.
  • Use Virtual Private Server (VPS) to avoid missing trade opportunities. The EA will not work if MT4 is off. No VPS account? Click here to create one.
  • Evaluate existing positions.
  • Monitor trade balance.


  • FREE - 5-day Trial for one (1) FX Demo Account
  • ONLY Php500 per month - For one (1) Live and one (1) Demo FX Accounts

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  • QuantDS FX data sheet is updated daily between 8 AM and 9 AM (GMT+8).
  • Suggested loading time of QDS-TF EA to the charts is before 4 PM (GMT+8).
  • For FxPro clients, use this EA on MT4 Instant account only.
  • Only one (1) Live and one (1) Demo Forex Trading Accounts are allowed per subscriber. QDS EA will not work on accounts not registered to QuantDS website.
  • QuantDS EA will automatically stop when user subscription expires. We will send you an email one week before your subscription ends.
  • Users can manually close open positions and delete pending orders if there is any.
  • Read How to Use QuantDS RoboTicks Expert Advisor (EA)
  • For questions and feedback, please feel free to contact us.


There is NO GUARANTEE of profit while using QDS-TF Expert Advisor.

Trading Foreign Exchange carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all .investors. High degree of leverage can work against any traders and lose more than the invested capital is very possible. 

While we do what we can to provide you the best trading tool, it is always best to understand that the market is random and no trading system is perfect. Trading is a  game of probability, not a certainty.

Before entering the Foreign Exchange market, it is required to consider your risk appetite, investment objectives, trading skills, and experience. Never trade the money you cannot afford to lose.

QuantDS and all the people behind it will not be liable for any losses that might occur while using QDS EA. Use QDS EA at your own risk! Please read our Disclaimer.

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