$APX – Apex Mining Company, Inc. (Buy & Hold Reco Review) 11Aug2016

Apex Mining Co., Inc. (the Company) was incorporated and registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on February 26, 1970 primarily to carry on the business of mining, milling, concentrating, converting, smelting, treating, preparing for market, manufacturing, buying, selling, exchanging and otherwise producing and dealing in gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc brass, iron, steel and all kinds of ores, metals and minerals. The Company listed its shares in the Philippine Stock Exchange on March 7, 1974 and attained the status of being a public company under the symbol APX. - http://www.apexmines.com/

$APX Intraday

We recommended a Buy and Hold for $APX  on our data released a day before yesterday's (Aug 10) trading.

The price rallied up to 3.65 (+0.68 points) and closed at 3.51, a gain of +18.2% from the previous close.

The $APX today is volatile and the risk is very high. We hope you took your profits on yesterday's surge.

Prices to watch: 3.41, 3.45, 3.49, 3.53, 3.57


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