Market Volatility – What is it?

Market volatility and what to make of it are matters every investor wants to really understand so they will not be victims of losses and the ups and downs of the market or even the economy into which they are investing. Let us consider, for instance, the market index or a given security. The statistical Read more about Market Volatility – What is it?[…]


Trading as Quants

In this short article, we will explain to you what is Quantitative Analysis and some advantages of using QuantDS Trading Guides aside from Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. Definitions First, lets’ define Quantitative. According to Merriam-Webster.com, ‘Quantitative is relating to how much there is of something, relating to the quantity or amount of something, expressible in terms of Read more about Trading as Quants[…]

Classification of Stocks

Stock picking is one of the most crucial things an investor will have to make for himself. Every investor is different because every investor has a goal set on their own. The rate of return and the risk associated for each are taken into consideration, as well as external factors that will, directly and indirectly, Read more about Classification of Stocks[…]