June 23, 2017

Online Stockbrokers in the Philippines

In this day and age, investing has become so much more accessible given the technology we have now. Before, the only way to invest is by personally going to a stockbroker, paying broker’s fees, and drawing up an agreement. Each time you want to buy or sell stocks, you have to call your stock broker and tell him what to do.

Now, you can trade online with much ease and no person as a mediator. There are many institutions focused on online trading such as COL Financial, AB Capital Securities, Inc., etc.

With online trading, you get to monitor your investments more efficiently. Opening an online trading account presents so many advantages. Daily and weekly stock statuses are always there for you to view, and profiles of companies in the stock market are readily available. You also have access to your stocks anytime every day.

However, if you feel unsure about opening a full-fledged trading account online, you can avail the 7-day account trial on most stockbrokers to see if online trading suits you.

Below is the list (in alphabetical order) of online stockbrokers in the Philippines. Choose in any of them and see the instructions how to open an account so you can start your journey in stocks investing.

AB Capital

ABCSI formerly known as Anscor Hagedorn Securities Inc. (AHSI) is one of the Philippine’s leading stock brokerage firms. Today it takes pride in being one of the pioneers in online stock trading. With this, they can provide research and trading platform that is more accessible, faster and easier for clients.

With over thirty years of industry presence, ABCSI has become one of the major players in the Philippine financial markets. They are consistently ranked among the country’s top brokerage firms regarding turnover.  ABCSI has also been accorded the prestigious citation for "Full Compliance" for seventeen consecutive years (1999-2016) by the Capital Markets Integrity Corporation (CMIC). Rest assured they can help grow and protect your investment.

Minimum opening deposit: Php500

Click here to see the steps how to open an account in AB Capital Securities, Inc.



MyTrade is the new online trading arm of Abacus Securities Corporation. They offer the most advanced platform in the market today that is backed by a robust infrastructure, incisive analysis, and unparalleled customer service. They provide what you need to make trading smooth, profitable and genuinely personal. 

Minimum opening deposit: Php10,000

Click here to see the steps how to open an account in MyTrade



AP Securities, Incorporated (formerly Angping and Associates Securities, Inc.) is a full-service stock brokerage firm in the Philippines offering a wide array of client services and support products. The company is one of the leading stock brokerages in the country as it has consistently ranked among the top brokers regarding turnover since its inception. Guided by its mission to increase the number of Filipinos investing in the Philippine stock market, APS offered online brokerage services to widen its reach and improve the accessibility of its services to Filipinos around the world.

Minimum opening deposit:

  • Students: Php5000
  • Professionals: Php15,000

Click here to open an account in APS Online


BDO Nomura

BDO Nomura Securities, Inc. (Formerly: PCIB Securities, Inc.) is a joint venture between BDO Unibank and Nomura Holdings of Japan with the goal of becoming one of the premier securities brokerage firms in the Philippines by providing online trading services for local stocks to individual investors.  The business also aims to provide stock brokerage services to institutional clients overseas and to eventually provide a platform to connect Filipino investors to the international stock markets.

Minimum opening deposit: None. You can open as long as you have an online BDO account.

Click here to open an account in BDO Nomura


BPI Trade is the fully-integrated online trading platform of BPI Securities, the stock brokerage arm of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). It enables clients to post online orders to the Philippine Stock Exchange, offers real-time stock market quotes and comprehensive research. Make well-informed investment decisions anytime, anywhere.

Minimum opening deposit: None

Click here to open an account in BPI Trade


Coherco Trade

The launch of cohercotrade.ph marked the completion of a conscious shift in Coherco Securities, Inc.'s strategic identity. They are a no-frills broker that continually searches for unique and innovative ways to give value to the experienced investor. If you are the type of investor who already knows what you're doing; if you're the type of investor who likes making your own trading decisions and taking charge of both the methods and outcome of your trading philosophy, then CohercoTrade may be the perfect fit for you. They are continually looking for new ways to give you added value for the commissions you are already paying anyway.

Minimum opening deposit: Php150,000

Click here to open an account in CohercoTrade.ph


COL Financial

COL Financial Group, Inc. (COL) is the fastest growing online stockbroker in the country today with over 200,000 customers and Php 62 billion in customer assets established in 1999.

COL being the #1 Online Stockbroker in the Philippines prides itself in making investments in the stock market for everyone by sharing its knowledge and market expertise through its user-friendly online trading platform.

COL offers access to expert opinion and comprehensive research to help the investor take advantage of stock market opportunities. Also, continued education is developed through readily available seminars. Dedicated customer support is also provided to guide customers in their investment decisions.

Minimum opening deposit: Php5,000

Click here to see the steps how to open an account in COL Financial


DA Market Sec

DA Market Securities, Inc. is a top equities brokerage with an affiliate in banking and financing in operation mostly in Central Luzon. They continue to service clients and corporations through the bulls and bears of the Philippine capital market. iTRADE.ph is DA Market's Securities, Inc.'s online trading platform to reach the growing number of Filipino investors seeking to ensure long-term investment value. Their mission is to become a leading securities firm continuously creating value and providing excellent products and services for their clients, growth for their people and superior returns to their shareholders.

Minimum opening deposit: Php50,000

Click here to open an account in iTRADE.ph


2Trade Asia

Incorporated in early 2000, 2TradeAsia.com is a pioneer in online stock trading with a mission to develop an innovative and efficient online investment solution in the country. They pioneered the integration of trading, financial planning and portfolio management was recognized the Board of Investments in 2001 as the first online trading site to provide these services. With these, you have everything you need to have control over your finances.

Minimum opening deposit: Php25,000

Click here to open an account in 2Trade Asia


First Metro Securities

Established in 1994, they have been a trusted provider of equity brokering services and solutions to individuals, public and private corporations and other financial institutions for over 20 years. Their substantial expertise in the stock market is backed by the strength and stability of FIRST METRO INVESTMENT CORPORATION, the leading investment bank in the country, and the METROBANK GROUP, one the Philippines' largest financial conglomerate. They provide their clients with easy and convenient access to the listed securities in the stock market, either thru their state-of-the-art online trading platforms or with the assistance of their seasoned and knowledgeable equity brokers.

Minimum opening deposit:

  • Free (for clients with Metrobank Direct account)
  • Php5,000 (for clients without Metrobank account)

Click here to open an account in First Metro Securities


HDI Trade

HDI Securities, Inc. is the stock brokerage subsidiary of HDI Family of Companies, a Singaporean-owned regional group of companies. In operations since 1992, it has been awarded as the Fastest-growing, Foreign-owned Brokerage House by the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and is currently ranked amongst the top 25% brokerage firms. With over two decades of service, HDI Securities, Inc. brings people, capital, and ideas together to help enrich the lives of their clients and the communities they serve. They aim to help clients find opportunities for growth. They provide investment insights, strategies and services to a wide range of clients, from individuals to institutions, helping them protect and grow their capital to meet their long-term financial goals. They offer both traditional & online trading platforms, and market research tools so their clients can trade with confidence.

Minimum opening deposit: Php25,000

Click here to open an account in HDI Trade


Investors Sec

Investors Securities, Inc. (ISI), a member of Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (PSE), started operations in 1969. They currently enjoy a 45-year track record based on reputation and experience.

Minimum opening deposit: Php25,000

Click here to open an account in Investors Online



JAKA Securities Corporation (JSC) is a dynamic team of financial experts providing investment consultancy and management for various equity investments. Officially operated and traded on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) in October 1996. Since then it has serviced stock brokering needs of retail and institutional clients. JSC acts as a broker for all listed equities in PSE. The company provides a full range of securities services; from research, execution, and settlement. JSC is fully automated to give you efficient, fast and accurate details on your portfolio investments.

Click here to open an account in JAKA Securities Corp.


Lucky Sec

Lucky Securities Inc. is one of the leading local brokerage houses in the Philippines. Serving both its institutional and high net worth individual clients for over 20 years. With the launch of its online trading platform ( http://luckyseconline.psetradex.ph/) it aims to further increase its client base in the retail sector. The Philippine Stock Market is amidst a period of unprecedented growth, Lucky Securities wants to educate as many people as possible so that more people can participate in the coming growth of the country and the local stock market now. Luckysec online provides you Online Trading Platform for the Philippines Stock Market with real-time analytic data, charts for clients providing the best service and research.

Click here to open an account in Lucky Securities



Eager to grow and expand its brokerage and investment banking business, in 1988, ATR Holdings partnered with Kim Eng, one of Southeast Asia’s leading securities and investment broker. Through the alliance, the ATR Kim Eng Financial Corporation (ATRKE) was able to expand its domestic and foreign client base, solidify its capability to initiate deals, and promote its products abroad. By offering exceptional execution capabilities and providing excellent research with timely calls and recommendations to clients, Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities, Inc., continues to help realize its parent company’s vision to be a regional powerhouse by 2015. In 2013, Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities, Inc. launched its online trading service called MakeTrade, extending its reach to retail investors.

Minimum opening deposit: Php25,000

Click here to open an account in MakeTrade


Meridian Sec

Meridian Securities, Inc. was established in 1989 by its founder Ronaldo S. Salonga and is an active member-broker firm on the Philippine Stock Exchange. Meridian Securities is your Partner in Value Investing. Meridian Securities Inc. is a respected stock-brokerage firm in Equity Sales, Research and Trading Operations with strategic alliances across various facets of the Philippine financial markets providing clients with equities offerings to suit their financial requirements. Meridian Securities is complemented with a team of experienced personnel to ensure the best-personalized customer service to all clients and to meet their financial investment needs. With their company's establishment in 1989, they bring a depth of knowledge and expertise in Value Investing and wealth generation for their Retail and Corporate clientele.

Minimum opening deposit: Php25,000

Click here to open an account in MSI Trade Online


Geared towards a more technology-driven stock market industry, Philstocks Financial Inc. continuously innovates its products and services to make the stock market more accessible to the investing public. Since its establishment in 2001, they are consistently endeavored at providing precise and top quality trading experience through robust technology and high quality of service and customer support. Their trading platforms are employed with state-of-the-art technology which allows our investors, traders, and licensed agents to conduct their trades with convenience and reliability.

Minimum opening deposit: Php5,000

Click here to open an account in Philstocks



RCBC Securities, Inc., (RSEC) is the stock brokerage unit of Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC), the Philippines' 7th largest private commercial bank and a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC). RSEC is a 100%-owned subsidiary of RCBC Capital Corporation (RCAP), which in turn is 100%-owned by RCBC. The company was established in August 1973 as Pacific Basin Securities Company, Inc., and changed its name to RCBC Securities, Inc. on July 20, 1995.  It is engaged in the buy and sell of shares of publicly listed companies at the Philippine Stock Exchange, both through traditional means and online and in providing free corporate and market research.

Minimum opening deposit: Php10,000

Click here to open an account in RCBC EZ Trade


Regina Capital

Regina Capital Development Corporation (RCDC) started its operations on December 10, 1989. Its performance has been based primarily on the reputation, expertise, and experience of the people behind the company. It is because of them that the organization can boast of a credible track record of more than 20 years of successful operation. In May 1996, RCDC expanded its network by setting up a branch in Iloilo while retaining its philosophy of being a private broker. RCDC entered into a partnership with a local group, which shared in RCDC's vision of being the leading individual broker in the Philippines. After more than two years of experience of successful collaboration with its first venture, RCDC expanded its branch network to Greenhills, San Juan to tap the high net worth individuals residing in the area. RCDC entered into a partnership with another local group, this time with an extensive contact in the area. Most recently, the company launched its online trading platform, Regina Online Investing (ROI). With it, clients can now take full control of their trading portfolio by executing orders on their own. Always searching for opportunity despite the different challenges it faces, Regina Capital will remain steadfast in the years to come. As the company's chairman had eloquently put it, ‘The best is yet to be.'

Minimum opening deposit: None

Click here to open an account in Regina Capital


Timson Trade

As one of the leading online stock brokers in the Philippines, they offer clients an online trading platform that is fast, flexible, and easy-to-use. Their customers can also choose from a wide array of features and tools such as Real-time Charting, Market Depth Bid-Ask, Iceberg Orders, etc. Their customers too can customize the online trading platform to suit their trading style. Their simplified trading platform with quick and responsive order execution will surely enhance client’s trading experience. They offer clients with the lowest allowable commission rates of 0.25% per transaction that enables both investors and traders to be more profitable in their stock market investments. They believe that this is in line with their vision to empower every investor/trader to become successful in the stock market.

Minimum opening deposit: Php25,000

Click here to open an account in Timson Trade



As the online stock trading arm of Unicapital Securities, Inc., they at UTrade believe that by investing in the stock market, accelerated financial success is now within your reach. Investing in the stock market is a journey, and their goal is to be with you every step of the way – to provide you with the customer experience you deserve from platform to service. There’s no better time than now to invest in your financial success and INVEST IN U. Having an online trading account doesn’t mean that customer service should ever be compromised. They promise to always go the extra mile with quicker response and turn-around times of 24 hours or less for any queries and concerns. For general inquiries, friendly UTrade team members will be available to answer general questions via phone, email, or thru our social media platforms. They aim to provide a guided way of investing in the stock market by giving expert advice on your chosen stocks.

Minimum opening deposit: Php10,000

Click here to open an account in UTrade


Wealth Sec

Wealth Securities Inc. is a leading stock brokerage in the Philippines and member of the Philippine Stock Exchange. It had ranked among the top 20 brokerages in the Philippines since its incorporation in November 1986. In 2000, Wealth received the Euro Money Award for Excellence as the "Best Domestic Securities House in the Philippines." Wealth caters to both retail and institutional clients in the Philippines and overseas. With over 25 years of experience in equity securities, its research team is often quoted in local newspapers and journals for their stock picks and coverage of mid-to-large cap stocks. Over the years, Wealth has developed a reputation for having a keen eye for spotting small companies with sound fundamentals and high growth potential.

Minimum opening deposit: Php10,000

Click here to open an account in WealthSec


This list is for information purposes only. QuantDS.com, its owners, and administrators are not in any way connected or affiliated with the companies listed above. QuantDS will not be liable to any forms of damages, direct or indirect, that may occur when opening an account with them. Trading securities carry a high degree of risk. Do your due diligence to research more about online stock brokers in the country before opening an account. Please read our Disclaimer.


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