How The Economy Really Works

In this video coaching newsletter, Coach Corey Wayne discusses the importance of understanding how the worlds economic engine really works, what the purpose of money really is and how being ignorant of how the system really works can ruin you financially, cause unnecessary financial setbacks and negatively impact your ability to reach your full potential and live the life of your dreams.

USD/CAD: Forecast VS QuantDS FX

This short blog post of my trade for USD/CAD pair will tell you how accurate and reliable the QuantDS FX guide is. I will show you below how I decided to follow the QuantDS FX recommendation instead of some analysts’ forecast and how it turned out to be right. (Click images to enlarge.) Forecast for Canadian Read more about USD/CAD: Forecast VS QuantDS FX[…]

Market Digits by Tata Mich: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

QuantDS PSE (Sep. 5, 2016)   Yesterday’s QuantDS data filtered a REVERSAL for Philippine Stock Exchange Index but was not able to close in a green light. Some issues are starting to look almost oversold. The Price and PSEI trigger (7778.80) is just one “tambling” away. And, for today’s data a reversal again. Rather applying the saying, Read more about Market Digits by Tata Mich: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats[…]