FREE Weekly PSE Watchlist – August 2017

Here are some of the stocks included in our weekly PSE Watchlist. Use at your own discretion.

The table below shows the stock code, setup and weekly return in percentage. The stop loss price is available only in the Full Weekly PSE Watchlist.

This is for information purposes only and should not be considered a recommendation or advice. Trading stocks are risky and you may experience a loss of capital. Do your due diligence before making any investment decision and risking your hard-earned money. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Trade at your own risk! Please read the Disclaimer.

August 28 - September 1

Stock Code Setup Weekly Change (in %)
ANI Strong uptrend -2.9
ALI Uptrend -1.4
LAND Strong uptrend +2.3
DMC Uptrend +0.3
MEG Strong uptrend 0
SEVN @ 50-EMA support -5.0
PF @ 50-EMA support -0.7
SM Strong uptrend -1.3

August 21-25

Stock Code Setup Weekly Change (in %)
AC Uptrend -0.1
BPI Tight consolidation on bull area -0.5
BDO Range breakout; Uptrend continuation -2.4
LAND Breakout -3.0
EEI Strong uptrend -1.4
MAC Strong uptrend -3.3
SEVN Uptrend +1.2
PPC Uptrend -5.0
SCC Strong uptrend +0.2

August 14- 18

Stock Code Setup Weekly Change (in %)
ANI Uptrend +4.1
ALI Uptrend +2.4
CHI 50 EMA as support 0
DFNN Doji @ 50 EMA -7.4
LBC Uptrend -0.6
PPC Uptrend -0.6
SECB Strong Uptrend +1.6
SMPH 50 EMA as support +1.8

August 7 - 11

Stock Code Setup Weekly Change (in %)
BRN 50 EMA as dynamic support. -9.7
ALI 50 EMA as dynamic support. +0.1
CHI 50 EMA as dynamic support. +0.4
CPM Strong uptrend -1.6
LAND Strong uptrend +0.8
DMC Strong uptrend +0.1
ION Potential bullish continuation -8.5
JFC Potential bullish continuation +0.6
ROCK 50 EMA as dynamic support. 0
UBP Strong uptrend +0.2

July 31 - August 4

Stock Code Setup Weekly Change (in %)
APC Strong rally above 200-d EMA +11.3
ALCO Bounce near 200-d EMA -4.2
EW Uptrend -0.2
GERI Breakout above 20-day EMA +4.5
LR Potential bullish reversal -12.2
MAC Uptrend +7.1
PMPC Uptrend +30.4
PF Uptrend 0
SCC 50-day EMA acts as support -3.1
SMPH Uptrend -2.9

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