August 2, 2016

How It Works

About QauntDS

Quantitative Data Solutions (or QuantDS) is a website that offers a trading guide for Philippine Stock Market and Foreign Exchange traders. The trading guides are shared for free through the member's area of the website and through Google Spreadsheet for paid subscribers. The information in the trading guides are generated through Quantitative Analysis and the results are shown in a tabulated format. The latest previous information about the securities are being used for Quantitative Analysis and the results are shared and can be used as a reference for the next day trading. Quantitative Analysis is done by means of complex mathematical and statistical modeling.

QuantDS Mission

Quantitative Data Solutions (or QuantDS) mission is to provide a reliable trading guide for Philippine Stock Exchange and Foreign Exchange traders. QuantDS is carefully crafted in good faith and adheres with responsible trading. QuantDS believes in leveling the battlefield between, foreign and local traders, between big players (big fish) and retail traders and most of all between the hypers and bashers.

Advantages of QuantDS

  • Reduces stress in trading stocks and forex.
  • Reduces trading mistakes due to analysis paralysis.
  • Fast and efficient.
  • Organized in tabular format for easier selecting stocks and currencies to trade.
  • Able to know and identify risk before entering the trade.
  • Extensive approach to future price projection.
  • Comprehensive and user-friendly.
  • Easy access to member's area.
  • No hyping and bashing purposes but only legitimate, calculated, and programmed generated data.
  • Made by Filipino Trader for Filipino Traders who look forward beating big foreign funds. 😉