How The Economy Really Works

In this video coaching newsletter, Coach Corey Wayne of discusses the importance of understanding how the worlds economic engine really works, what the purpose of money really is and how being ignorant of how the system really works can ruin you financially, cause unnecessary financial setbacks and negatively impact your ability to reach your full potential and live the life of your dreams.

The importance of understanding how the economy really works, what makes it boom and go bust, what money is, where it comes from, how it’s created, how it circulates and how unbalanced monetary circulation is the root cause of most of the worlds economic problems that can negatively impact your business, job, wealth, and income earning potential.

“Everything that most people think they understand about money, economics, wealth building and financial security is totally wrong. Money exists for two reasons: 1) to be a medium of financial exchange that makes commerce & sale or purchase transactions easy and 2) to be a store of value where you literally translate your gifts, skills, talents, time and assets into easily tradable and exchangeable paper, coin or digital money receipts. Most people think that when they borrow money, they are borrowing money the bank has from its other customers. This is a myth. A banks purpose is to facilitate stable money circulation by expanding the money supply via creating loans out of thin air. Banks use fractional reserve banking which enables them to create up to ten times the total amount of their customer’s money in their bank accounts out of thin air and lending it at interest. For example, if a bank’s cumulative amount of all of their depositor’s bank accounts is ten million dollars, then the bank can create up to one hundred million dollars out of thin air and lend it at interest. The economy expands when banks create money out of thin air by creating loans and lending it at interest. Every time you use your credit card, borrow money, get a car or home loan, you are borrowing money that did not exist until you got the loan or spent it into existence by swiping your credit card. When the banks stop lending or reduce their lending during an economic downturn, the money supply in circulation will shrink. This causes the economy to contract. Who suffers the most when this happens? The people who are living paycheck to paycheck are the first to stop paying their bills. This creates a domino effect. Economic recoveries can often take five to ten years to recover from the worst monetary circulation contractions. The economy tends to boom and expand until the banks get too reckless with who they lend money to which creates bubbles and loans that borrowers start defaulting on. Economic contractions bring foreclosures, repossessions, unemployment and governments being unable to pay their bills. This is known as the boom and bust cycle. As long as the worlds banking system uses elastic currencies, the up/down boom/bust cycle will be a fact of life. Therefore, as a sovereign, free and self-reliant human being, you should always know your downside financial risk if the economy does not do what you expect it to when making financial commitments.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

John Adams


Reference: by Coach Corey Wayne


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