$IS – Island Information & Technology, Inc (Analysis) 15Aug2016

Island Information and Technology (IS) is a Philippine listed company specializing in Internet-related technology and global computer networks. The company covers product development, licensing, marketing, sales and resale, distribution, operations, maintenance and system upgrades. - http://iiti.ph/about.html

$IS Daily Chart

$IS Daily

$IS successfully breached the primary and immediate support level at 0.32 (the light blue line is shown on the chart above) last week which was tested may times since the start of May this year.

$IS ended the week in the red territory, down by -4.6% from the previous week and -1.59% from the previous day. RSI and Stochastic are now at the oversold level but $IS is being weighed down by 9-day EMA resistance

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Prices to watch: 0.285 0.295, 0.315, 0.320

$IS Status and Recommendation

$IS QuantDS PSE Data

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