Monthly Market Fishing: December 2016

Welcome to the new QuantDS' 'Monthly Market Fishing' blog where we will give our monthly stock picks suited for Bottom Fishing Strategy.

Reminder: Bottom Fishing is a very risky trading strategy which could lead to BIG losses if not timed properly but very rewarding if done correctly and can give excellent gain. The stocks mentioned here are our personal stock picks based on QuantDS PSE data. Follow and trade at our own risk! Please read our Disclaimer.

Stock Picks

Stock 1 Year Return Current Price Suggested Stop Loss Suggested Target Price
CROWN -20.66% 1.90 1.82 2.07
MRSGI -8.611% 3.61 3.50 4.25
MER -17.68% 258.00 250.00 278.60

Weekly Result

The table below will show the weekly price change (in %) of the stock picks for the next four weeks.

Stock Week 1 (Dec5-9) Week 2 (Dec12-16) Week 3 (Dec19-23) Week 4 (Dec26-30)
CROWN +0.53% -0.53% -2.10% +0.53%
MRSGI +0.83% +0.27% +6.85% +3.84%
MER +1.94% -2.13% +0.54% +2.40%


The Bottom Fishing candidates included in this list meet the following criteria:

  • Stock price 1 Year Return is -5% or below.
  • Current Value Turnover is 1,000,000 or above.
  • Current Price is 1 or more days behind the Trigger Price based on QuantDS PSE data.
  • With Low Risk Buy or Buy and Hold recommendation from QuantDS PSE data.

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