QuantDS Subscribers Responses (Collection)

See what some of our subscribers say about their experience using QuantDS PSE and QuantDS FX trading guides. Click images to enlarge.


~ CM

QuantDS N. De Belen Testimonial

This snapshot was taken on August 25, 2016 and as you can see I was able to ride the LR bounce play. That day, I was also able to buy more LC. Take note, I used the word “more” because I’m already holding some shares because I was able to buy at the bottom when the quants’ bottom picking triggered. I closed my position on LR that day and waited another day for LC play.

QuantDS - N. De Belen Testimonial

Then this was taken on August 26, 2016. Because of QuantDS, I was able to ride these plays in just a week. Actually it only took me 3 days because of the reliability of the numbers that QuantDS provides. For those who are not yet aware of the power of QuantDS, I strongly recommend that you subscribe even just for a month. You’ll see how amazing how accurate the numbers are!

~ N. De Belen


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