$MER: Will It Be a ‘MERry’ Year-end for Meralco?

Price Review Here’s the review of how MER performed for the last five trading days. (Click images to enlarge.) Tuesday (22 Nov 2016) It was a High Risk Buy in the QuantDS PSE data last Tuesday for MER. The stock opened at 282.20 near our Profit Taking price (282.68) and fell down to 273.00 before closing at 273.20, breaching Read more about $MER: Will It Be a ‘MERry’ Year-end for Meralco?[…]


Trading as Quants

In this short article, we will explain to you what is Quantitative Analysis and some advantages of using QuantDS Trading Guides aside from Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. Definitions First, lets’ define Quantitative. According to, ‘Quantitative is relating to how much there is of something, relating to the quantity or amount of something, expressible in terms of Read more about Trading as Quants[…]