July 6, 2016

Terms And Conditions

Please Read Before Continuing

Terms and Conditions

  1. Service. To provide quantitative trading guide data used in Philippine Stock Market and Forex Trading. The provided data includes but not limited to PSE stocks and foreign currency pairs shown in QuantDS data sheets. For automated Forex trading using our MT4 Expert Advisor (QuantDS Roboticks), an additional fee is applied.
  2. Operations - Manual trading of the client using the broker's platforms and automated trading performed by QuantDS Roboticks Expert Advisor in the MT4.
  3. Account - Multiple/unlimited trading accounts can be used by clients subscribed to QuantDS PSE and QuantDS FX trading guides, while an only single trading account is allowed for clients subscribed to QuantDS Roboticks EA. QuantDS Roboticks EA will only work in the Forex trading account registered during the signup. If you want to use the EA for other Forex trading account, please contact us.
  4. The subject of the Agreement. The Client should read and understand the following conditions: a. No money-back guarantee; b. QuantDS will not be liable for any trading losses; c. By using QuantDS, the client agrees that he/she understands the risks involved in trading.
  5. Rights, Obligations, and Guarantees of the Parties. The client shall be entitled to access the datasheet upon payment of Php1000 for QuantDS PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange) data, Php1500 for QuantDS FX (Foreign Exchange) data used for manual forex trading, or Php500 for the QuantDS Roboticks EA for MT4. The client shall be obliged to pay the necessary access fee/s. The client shall guarantee to receive updated data for QuantDS PSE, QuantDS FX, and QuantDS Plus EA. QuantDS shall be entitled to receive a subscription payment for the services provided. The obligation of QuantDS is to provide a daily, up-to-date data.
  6. Personal Data. The client shall be obliged to provide truthful, exact, and complete information according to the personal data about the client requested by QuantDS upon registration.
  7. Risk Statement. The client has read, understood, and accepted the risk statement due to the use of services, which are published on this website (www.quantds.com).
  8. Charges and Fees. QuantDS charges the following amount: Php1500 for QuantDS PSE Data (Manual Trading); Php2500 for QuantDS FX Data (Manual Trading); Php2500 + Php1500 QuantDS FX Data Access Plus Expert Advisor for MT4 (Automated Trading). QuantDS shall be entitled to receive the fee from the client regarding the service(s). Accepting the agreement herein, the client shall agree that he or she shall be obliged to compensate the fee upon the use of the QuantDS data.
  9. Execution of Trades. The client acknowledges that the only reliable source of QuantDS (for PSE, FX, Expert Advisor) data flow is from the main server of QuantDS.com only, shared through Google Spreadsheet and link/s in this website.
  10. Termination of Access.
    • QuantDS shall terminate the clients' access to data immediately after the subscription expires.
    • QuantDS has the right to terminate the clients' access to data, ban the client permanently, and forfeit any remaining paid credits when the client is found out sharing, reproducing, distributing, or transmitting the data or any part of it without a prior consent of QuantDS.