Weekly PSE Trending Watchlist – January 2018

This year, our Trending Stock Watchlist will be available for everyone! ūüôā

Our Watchlist is composed of upward trending stocks selected based on Technical Analysis.

Also included on our list is the Trade Setup for each stock PLUS the Stop Loss price which you can use as your cut-loss point if the price moves against your favor.

The change difference in percentage for each stock will also be shown one week after at the same time with the new Watchlist for the coming week.

Share your thoughts or questions in the comment section below.

Or if you want our opinion on the stock that you have or planning to buy, just put the stock code in the comment section, and the Technical Analysis for your selected stock will be posted on the coming weekend.

Week 5

Code Setup Stop Loss Weekly Change
SMC Potential build up 133.80 +7.7%
JFC Breakout 276.56 +0.6%
PF Potential build up 581.00 +0.3%
PIP Potential build up 2.67 +0.3%
JGS Build up 73.55 -0.8%
MRP Potential build up 8.54 -1.4%
POPI Potential build up 2.43 -1.5%
CHIB Build up 36.29 -1.6%
PGOLD Build up 51.32 -1.9%
PSEi Breakout 8676.76 -2.5%
(Holding) HDG Index Breakout 8947.47 -3.7%
APL Breakout 0.043 -4.0%
AEV Build up 72.86 -4.1%
DNL Potential build up 11.86 -4.7%
EMP Potential build up 8.30 -7.4%

Week 4

Code Setup Stop Loss Weekly Change
PF Breakout 512.08 +12.1%
MWIDE Build up 18.70 +10.8%
EMP Build up 7.70 +9.2%
SM Breakout 986.46 +7.5%
SMC Breakout 124.36 +6.1%
All Shares Index Breakout 5070.44 +2.3%
PGOLD Build up 51.24 +1.7%
PSEi Build up 8643.70 +1.4%
FMETF Breakout 131.30 +1.2%
AT Build up confluence with 200-day EMA 4.70 0%
CHIB Build up 36.33 -0.1%
DFNN Breakout 7.96 -1.1%
BDO Uptrend 153.88 -1.3%
TECH Build up 48.86 -1.5%
PHEN Build up 1.73 -3.9%
BPI Breakout 109.72 -4.6%
PIZZA Build up 14.45 -5.7%
AGF Build up confluence with 200-day EMA 3.22 -6%
BMM Symmetrical Triangle pattern 108.1 -8.8%


  • The Stop Loss prices on the table are generated only based on the previous trading days before the watchlist is posted. For daily updated Stop Loss prices, subscribe to QuantDS PSE Premium by clicking here.
  • This post is for information purposes only and should not be considered as a recommendation to buy, hold, or sell securities. Stock trading carries a high level of risk and loss of invested capital is possible. Please read our Disclaimer.

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