Weekly Stock Picks (02Sep2016)


  • NOT a recommendation. This is for information purposes only based on signals generated by QuantDS PSE data. Please read the disclaimer. Trade at your own risk.
  • Suggested entry and cut-loss prices are also provided for those who want to copy the stock picks.
  • Daily loss and gain in percentage will be added for the next 5 trading days (only).


STOCK ENTRY CUT LOSS 02Sep 05Sep 06Sep 07Sep 08Sep TOTAL
SFI 0.154 0.152 0.65% unch -0.64% 1.29% -0.64% 0.66%
CYBR 0.63 0.60 unch -1.59% -1.61% -1.64% 1.67% -3.17%
EW 20.80 20.30 -0.24% 0.24% -0.72% -1.45% 2.46% 0.29%
ROCK 1.68 1.64 -0.60% 1.20% -1.18% 1.20% 0.59% 1.81%
PPC 3.31 3.20 2.08% -0.58% 2.64% -2.86% 0.29% 1.57%
  • SFI - Price may rise just within a few days to form a potential Head and Shoulders pattern before going down. The current price is at the accumulation level on QuantDS PSE data. Accumulate only if price will hold above 0.154
  • CYBR - Intraday chart showing a breach at 0.63 resistance yesterday and showing signs of bullish reversal on the daily chart, validated by indicators. The price is also at the accumulation level currently on QuantDS PSE. Accumulate only if price will hold above 0.63
  • EW - EW is on a healthy uptrend since May. Price is now touching uptrend support line and we can expect a continuation of a bullish trend. Like SFI and CYBR, EW price is at the accumulation level on QuantDS PSE data. Accumulate only if price will hold above 20.80.
  • ROCK - Rockwell Land is holding strong above 1.68 support for 9 trading days now. Price is also at the 1.68 support on QuantDS PSE data. Buy only if the price will still hold at this level.
  • PPC - Ended the day with a doji that may suggests a start of a new price rally. PPC price is on a very low level near the bottom support on QuantDS PSE data. Buy only if price moves up or if 3.31 holds.


  • 80% Quantitative Analysis using QuantDS PSE data; 15% Charting/Technical Analysis; 8% News, Fundamentals; 2% Instinct
  • Stocks with Trigger Buy, Low Risk Buy, and Buy @ Uptrend Support recommendations from QuantDS PSE data sheet. (Not always but most of the time. Might change based on market condition.)
  • Stocks with Strong Closed, Near Bottom Support, Strong Signal Strength Reading, and Weak Closed status from QuantDS PSE data sheet. (Not always but most of the time. Might change based on market condition.)
  • Stocks on Bottom Picking level esp. during market selloff. Stocks on Uptrend Support esp. during market rally. Stocks near Price Trigger.
  • Bullish (or Bullish Continuation) candlestick patterns. Bullish Reversal patterns. Bullish divergence.
  • Oversold to neutral based on RSI and Stochastic Oscillator.
  • Indicators used: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, 9EMA, Alligator, RSI, MACD, Stochastic Oscillator, Volume.
  • Current events, company news and disclosure.

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